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Season 4

First Air Date: 27-06-1992

Episodes: 14

Photo Name Character
John Kassir-Crypt Keeper (voice) John Kassir Crypt Keeper (voice)
Photo Name Department
Barry Josephson-Production-Producer Barry Josephson Production ( Producer )
Charles Skouras III-Production-Producer Charles Skouras III Production ( Producer )
Robert Zemeckis-Production-Producer Robert Zemeckis Production ( Producer )
Joel Silver-Production-Executive Producer Joel Silver Production ( Executive Producer )
Richard Donner-Production-Executive Producer Richard Donner Production ( Executive Producer )
Walter Hill-Production-Executive Producer Walter Hill Production ( Executive Producer )
David Giler-Production-Executive Producer David Giler Production ( Executive Producer )
Danny Elfman-Sound-Theme Song Performance Danny Elfman Sound ( Theme Song Performance )

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