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Season 5

First Air Date: 11-09-1990

Episodes: 22

Photo Name Character
Michael DeLorenzo-Alex Torres Michael DeLorenzo Alex Torres
Rain Pryor-Theola June 'T.J.' Jones Rain Pryor Theola June 'T.J.' Jones
Billy Connolly-Billy MacGregor Billy Connolly Billy MacGregor
Jeannetta Arnette-Bernadette Meara Jeannetta Arnette Bernadette Meara
Khrystyne Haje-Simone Foster Khrystyne Haje Simone Foster
Kimberly Russell-Sarah Nevins Kimberly Russell Sarah Nevins
Jonathan Ke Quan-Jasper Kwong Jonathan Ke Quan Jasper Kwong
Dan Frischman-Arvid Engen Dan Frischman Arvid Engen
Brian Robbins-Eric Mardian Brian Robbins Eric Mardian
Dan Schneider-Dennis Blunden Dan Schneider Dennis Blunden
Tony O'Dell-Alan Pinkard Tony O'Dell Alan Pinkard
Robin Givens-Darlene Merriman Robin Givens Darlene Merriman
De'voreaux White-Aristotle McKenzie De'voreaux White Aristotle McKenzie
Lara Piper-Viki Amory Lara Piper Viki Amory
William G. Schilling-Dr. Harold Samuels William G. Schilling Dr. Harold Samuels
Photo Name Department

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