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Season 5

Story Line: In season five, Amy and Dan are on the ground in Nevada working on a recount, and Selina finds herself spinning her wheels in DC, ...

First Air Date: 24-04-2016

Episodes: 10

Photo Name Character
Julia Louis-Dreyfus-Selina Meyer Julia Louis-Dreyfus Selina Meyer
Anna Chlumsky-Amy Brookheimer Anna Chlumsky Amy Brookheimer
Tony Hale-Gary Walsh Tony Hale Gary Walsh
Reid Scott-Dan Egan Reid Scott Dan Egan
Timothy Simons-Jonah Ryan Timothy Simons Jonah Ryan
Matt Walsh-Mike McLintock Matt Walsh Mike McLintock
Kevin Dunn-Ben Cafferty Kevin Dunn Ben Cafferty
Sufe Bradshaw-Sue Wilson Sufe Bradshaw Sue Wilson
Gary Cole-Kent Davison Gary Cole Kent Davison
Sam Richardson-Richard Splett Sam Richardson Richard Splett
Photo Name Department
Christopher Godsick-Production-Executive Producer Christopher Godsick Production ( Executive Producer )
Frank Rich-Production-Executive Producer Frank Rich Production ( Executive Producer )
Julia Louis-Dreyfus-Production-Producer Julia Louis-Dreyfus Production ( Producer )
Stephanie Laing-Production-Producer Stephanie Laing Production ( Producer )
Simon Blackwell-Production-Co-Executive Producer Simon Blackwell Production ( Co-Executive Producer )
Tony Roche-Production-Co-Executive Producer Tony Roche Production ( Co-Executive Producer )
David Mandel-Production-Executive Producer David Mandel Production ( Executive Producer )

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