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Season 2

First Air Date: 01-10-2008

Episodes: 13

Photo Name Character
Peter Krause-Nick George Peter Krause Nick George
Donald Sutherland-Patrick Donald Sutherland Patrick "Tripp" Darling III
William Baldwin-Patrick Darling William Baldwin Patrick Darling
Natalie Zea-Karen Darling Natalie Zea Karen Darling
Glenn Fitzgerald-Reverend Brian Darling Glenn Fitzgerald Reverend Brian Darling
Seth Gabel-Jeremy Darling Seth Gabel Jeremy Darling
Zoe McLellan-Lisa George Zoe McLellan Lisa George
Blair Underwood-Simon Elder Blair Underwood Simon Elder
Jill Clayburgh-Letitia Darling Jill Clayburgh Letitia Darling
Lucy Liu-Nola Lyons Lucy Liu Nola Lyons
Photo Name Department
Matthew Gross-Production-Producer Matthew Gross Production ( Producer )
Bryan Singer-Production-Producer Bryan Singer Production ( Producer )
Greg Berlanti-Production-Producer Greg Berlanti Production ( Producer )
Peter Horton-Production-Producer Peter Horton Production ( Producer )

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