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The Peacekeeper Wars

Story Line: Newly engaged and expectant parents John Crichton and Aeryn Sun have been chased around the galaxy and have fallen in love, and now all they ...

First Air Date: 17-10-2004

Episodes: 2

Photo Name Character
Ben Browder-John Crichton Ben Browder John Crichton
Claudia Black-Aeryn Sun Claudia Black Aeryn Sun
Hugh Keays-Byrne-Grunchlk Hugh Keays-Byrne Grunchlk
Jonathan Hardy-Dominar Rygel XVI Jonathan Hardy Dominar Rygel XVI
Anthony Simcoe-Ka D'Argo Anthony Simcoe Ka D'Argo
John Bach-Einstein John Bach Einstein
Gigi Edgley-Chiana Gigi Edgley Chiana
Wayne Pygram-Scorpius Wayne Pygram Scorpius
Melissa Jaffer-Noranti Melissa Jaffer Noranti
Tammy Macintosh-Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis Tammy Macintosh Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis
Rebecca Riggs-Commandant Mele-On Grayza Rebecca Riggs Commandant Mele-On Grayza
Paul Goddard-Stark Paul Goddard Stark
David Franklin-Capt. Meeklo Braca David Franklin Capt. Meeklo Braca
Duncan Young-Emperor Staleek Duncan Young Emperor Staleek
Raelee Hill-Sikozu Raelee Hill Sikozu
Lani John Tupu-Pilot Lani John Tupu Pilot
Francesca Buller-War Minister Akhna Francesca Buller War Minister Akhna
Sandy Gore-Muoma Sandy Gore Muoma
Ron Haddrick-Yondalao Ron Haddrick Yondalao
Linal Haft-Maryk Linal Haft Maryk
Stephen James King-Pikal Stephen James King Pikal
Tim McCunn-Caa'ta Tim McCunn Caa'ta
John Adam-Sgt. Learko / Lt. Jatog John Adam Sgt. Learko / Lt. Jatog
Nathaniel Dean-Jothee Nathaniel Dean Jothee
Kim De Lury-Peacekeeper Captain Kim De Lury Peacekeeper Captain
Judi Farr-Scarran Doctor Judi Farr Scarran Doctor
Photo Name Department
Brian Henson-Production-Executive Producer Brian Henson Production ( Executive Producer )
Martin G. Baker-Production-Executive Producer Martin G. Baker Production ( Executive Producer )
Robert Halmi Jr.-Production-Executive Producer Robert Halmi Jr. Production ( Executive Producer )
Lesley Parker-Production-Line Producer Lesley Parker Production ( Line Producer )
Rockne S. O'Bannon-Production-Executive Producer Rockne S. O'Bannon Production ( Executive Producer )
Guy Gross-Sound-Original Music Composer Guy Gross Sound ( Original Music Composer )
Russell Bacon-Crew-Cinematography Russell Bacon Crew ( Cinematography )
Jules Korshoonoff-Costume & Make-Up-Makeup Artist Jules Korshoonoff Costume & Make-Up ( Makeup Artist )
Ricky Eyres-Art-Production Design Ricky Eyres Art ( Production Design )
Ann Fay-Production-Casting Ann Fay Production ( Casting )
Marianne Jade-Production-Casting Marianne Jade Production ( Casting )
Damien Drew-Art-Art Direction Damien Drew Art ( Art Direction )
Oleh Sokolovsky-Art-Set Decoration Oleh Sokolovsky Art ( Set Decoration )
Terry Ryan-Costume & Make-Up-Costume Design Terry Ryan Costume & Make-Up ( Costume Design )
Sheldon Wade-Costume & Make-Up-Hairstylist Sheldon Wade Costume & Make-Up ( Hairstylist )
Angela Conte-Costume & Make-Up-Hairstylist Angela Conte Costume & Make-Up ( Hairstylist )
Troy Follington-Costume & Make-Up-Makeup Artist Troy Follington Costume & Make-Up ( Makeup Artist )
Anna Gray-Costume & Make-Up-Makeup Artist Anna Gray Costume & Make-Up ( Makeup Artist )
Kristelle Gardiner-Crew-Makeup Effects Kristelle Gardiner Crew ( Makeup Effects )
Julian Parry-Art-Assistant Art Director Julian Parry Art ( Assistant Art Director )
Bill Undery-Crew-Scenic Artist Bill Undery Crew ( Scenic Artist )
Les Fiddess-Sound-Foley Les Fiddess Sound ( Foley )
Natalie Choo-Sound-Foley Natalie Choo Sound ( Foley )
David White-Sound-Supervising Sound Editor David White Sound ( Supervising Sound Editor )
Steve Anderson-Visual Effects-Animation Director Steve Anderson Visual Effects ( Animation Director )
Brett Margules-Visual Effects-Animation Brett Margules Visual Effects ( Animation )
Dave Elsey-Visual Effects-Creature Design Dave Elsey Visual Effects ( Creature Design )
Naomi Mitchell-Visual Effects-Visual Effects Producer Naomi Mitchell Visual Effects ( Visual Effects Producer )
Collette Nunes-Crew-Visual Effects Editor Collette Nunes Crew ( Visual Effects Editor )
Matt Town-Crew-Visual Effects Editor Matt Town Crew ( Visual Effects Editor )
Benita Carey-Visual Effects-Visual Effects Supervisor Benita Carey Visual Effects ( Visual Effects Supervisor )
Tobbe Olsson-Crew-Sequence Supervisor Tobbe Olsson Crew ( Sequence Supervisor )
Jeffrey Malouf-Crew-Second Unit Cinematographer Jeffrey Malouf Crew ( Second Unit Cinematographer )
Martin Perrott-Lighting-Gaffer Martin Perrott Lighting ( Gaffer )
Robyn Elliott-Costume & Make-Up-Costume Supervisor Robyn Elliott Costume & Make-Up ( Costume Supervisor )
Brett McManus-Editing-First Assistant Editor Brett McManus Editing ( First Assistant Editor )
Lou Grant-Directing-Script Supervisor Lou Grant Directing ( Script Supervisor )
Marla Jane Lynch-Directing-Script Supervisor Marla Jane Lynch Directing ( Script Supervisor )
Anna Vincent-Crew-Unit Publicist Anna Vincent Crew ( Unit Publicist )
David Kemper-Production-Executive Producer David Kemper Production ( Executive Producer )
Brian Henson-Production-Producer Brian Henson Production ( Producer )
Rockne S. O'Bannon-Production-Producer Rockne S. O'Bannon Production ( Producer )
Adam Johansen-Costume & Make-Up-Special Effects Makeup Artist Adam Johansen Costume & Make-Up ( Special Effects Makeup Artist )
Peter Harris-Production-Location Manager Peter Harris Production ( Location Manager )

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