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Season 2

First Air Date: 25-07-2016

Episodes: 13

Photo Name Character
Lauren Taylor-Shelby Marcus Lauren Taylor Shelby Marcus
Landry Bender-Cyd Ripley Landry Bender Cyd Ripley
Gus Kamp-Barry Eisenberg Gus Kamp Barry Eisenberg
Ricky Garcia-Naldo Montoya Ricky Garcia Naldo Montoya
Benjamin Royer-Bret Marcus Benjamin Royer Bret Marcus
Matthew Royer-Chet Marcus Matthew Royer Chet Marcus
Photo Name Department
Jed Elinoff-Production-Executive Producer Jed Elinoff Production ( Executive Producer )
Scott Thomas-Production-Executive Producer Scott Thomas Production ( Executive Producer )
Liam Attridge-Sound-Theme Song Performance Liam Attridge Sound ( Theme Song Performance )
Ricky Garcia-Sound-Theme Song Performance Ricky Garcia Sound ( Theme Song Performance )
Michael Corcoran-Sound-Original Music Composer Michael Corcoran Sound ( Original Music Composer )

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