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Season 4

Story Line: Liberty High School’s senior class is preparing for graduation, but before they say goodbye, they’ll have to keep a dangerous secret buried and ...

First Air Date: 05-06-2020

Episodes: 10

Photo Name Character
Dylan Minnette-Clay Jensen Dylan Minnette Clay Jensen
Grace Saif-Ani Achola Grace Saif Ani Achola
Christian Navarro-Tony Padilla Christian Navarro Tony Padilla
Alisha Boe-Jessica Davis Alisha Boe Jessica Davis
Brandon Flynn-Justin Foley Brandon Flynn Justin Foley
Justin Prentice-Bryce Walker Justin Prentice Bryce Walker
Miles Heizer-Alex Standall Miles Heizer Alex Standall
Ross Butler-Zach Dempsey Ross Butler Zach Dempsey
Devin Druid-Tyler Down Devin Druid Tyler Down
Timothy Granaderos-Montgomery de la Cruz Timothy Granaderos Montgomery de la Cruz
Amy Hargreaves-Lainie Jensen Amy Hargreaves Lainie Jensen
Mark Pellegrino-Bill Standall Mark Pellegrino Bill Standall
Tyler Barnhardt-Charlie St. George Tyler Barnhardt Charlie St. George
Jan Luis Castellanos-Diego Torres Jan Luis Castellanos Diego Torres
Deaken Bluman-Winston Williams Deaken Bluman Winston Williams
Gary Sinise-Robert Ellman Gary Sinise Robert Ellman
Photo Name Department
Jane Bartelme-Production-Producer Jane Bartelme Production ( Producer )
Allen MacDonald-Production-Executive Producer Allen MacDonald Production ( Executive Producer )
Joy Gorman Wettels-Production-Executive Producer Joy Gorman Wettels Production ( Executive Producer )
Michael Sugar-Production-Executive Producer Michael Sugar Production ( Executive Producer )
Steve Golin-Production-Executive Producer Steve Golin Production ( Executive Producer )
Selena Gomez-Production-Executive Producer Selena Gomez Production ( Executive Producer )
Brian Yorkey-Production-Executive Producer Brian Yorkey Production ( Executive Producer )
Tom McCarthy-Production-Executive Producer Tom McCarthy Production ( Executive Producer )
Mandy Teefey-Production-Executive Producer Mandy Teefey Production ( Executive Producer )
Jay Asher-Writing-Novel Jay Asher Writing ( Novel )
Kristel Laiblin-Production-Executive Producer Kristel Laiblin Production ( Executive Producer )

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