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Season 2

Story Line: In season two, Billy McBride returns to defend a 16-year-old boy accused of a grisly double homicide. Billy, Patty and team fervently build their case ...

First Air Date: 14-06-2018

Episodes: 8

Photo Name Character
Billy Bob Thornton-Billy McBride Billy Bob Thornton Billy McBride
Nina Arianda-Patty Solis-Papagian Nina Arianda Patty Solis-Papagian
Tania Raymonde-Brittany Gold Tania Raymonde Brittany Gold
Ana de la Reguera-Marisol Silva Ana de la Reguera Marisol Silva
Diana Hopper-Denise McBride Diana Hopper Denise McBride
Matthew Del Negro-Danny Loomis Matthew Del Negro Danny Loomis
Morris Chestnut-Hakeem Rashad Morris Chestnut Hakeem Rashad
Mark Duplass-Tom Wyatt Mark Duplass Tom Wyatt
Photo Name Department
Jennifer Ames-Production-Co-Executive Producer Jennifer Ames Production ( Co-Executive Producer )
Steve Turner-Production-Co-Executive Producer Steve Turner Production ( Co-Executive Producer )
Dennie Gordon-Production-Co-Executive Producer Dennie Gordon Production ( Co-Executive Producer )
David Babcock-Production-Co-Executive Producer David Babcock Production ( Co-Executive Producer )
Daniele Nathanson-Production-Co-Executive Producer Daniele Nathanson Production ( Co-Executive Producer )
Noelle Valdivia-Production-Supervising Producer Noelle Valdivia Production ( Supervising Producer )
Warren Hsu Leonard-Production-Supervising Producer Warren Hsu Leonard Production ( Supervising Producer )
Aaron Greenberg-Production-Co-Producer Aaron Greenberg Production ( Co-Producer )
Tony Saltzman-Production-Co-Producer Tony Saltzman Production ( Co-Producer )
Marisa Wegrzyn-Production-Supervising Producer Marisa Wegrzyn Production ( Supervising Producer )
Lawrence Trilling-Production-Executive Producer Lawrence Trilling Production ( Executive Producer )
Geyer Kosinski-Production-Executive Producer Geyer Kosinski Production ( Executive Producer )
Ross Fineman-Production-Executive Producer Ross Fineman Production ( Executive Producer )
Derek Johansen-Production-Producer Derek Johansen Production ( Producer )
Rami Rank-Production-Co-Producer Rami Rank Production ( Co-Producer )

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