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First Air Date: 03-10-2001

Episodes: 3

Photo Name Character
Martin Sheen-President Josiah Bartlet Martin Sheen President Josiah Bartlet
Allison Janney-C.J. Cregg Allison Janney C.J. Cregg
Richard Schiff-Toby Ziegler Richard Schiff Toby Ziegler
John Spencer-Leo McGarry John Spencer Leo McGarry
Bradley Whitford-Josh Lyman Bradley Whitford Josh Lyman
Dulé Hill-Charlie Young Dulé Hill Charlie Young
Janel Moloney-Donna Moss Janel Moloney Donna Moss
Rob Lowe-Sam Seaborn Rob Lowe Sam Seaborn
Timothy Davis-Reed-Mark O'Donnell Timothy Davis-Reed Mark O'Donnell
Photo Name Department
Thomas Schlamme-Production-Executive Producer Thomas Schlamme Production ( Executive Producer )
Aaron Sorkin-Production-Executive Producer Aaron Sorkin Production ( Executive Producer )
Alex Graves-Production-Executive Producer Alex Graves Production ( Executive Producer )
John Wells-Production-Executive Producer John Wells Production ( Executive Producer )
Christopher Misiano-Production-Executive Producer Christopher Misiano Production ( Executive Producer )
Kevin Falls-Production-Executive Producer Kevin Falls Production ( Executive Producer )
Peter Noah-Production-Producer Peter Noah Production ( Producer )
Debora Cahn-Production-Producer Debora Cahn Production ( Producer )
Peter Parnell-Production-Producer Peter Parnell Production ( Producer )
Patrick Ward-Production-Producer Patrick Ward Production ( Producer )
Paul Redford-Production-Producer Paul Redford Production ( Producer )
Carol Flint-Production-Producer Carol Flint Production ( Producer )
John Sacret Young-Production-Producer John Sacret Young Production ( Producer )
Eli Attie-Production-Producer Eli Attie Production ( Producer )
Kristin Harms-Production-Producer Kristin Harms Production ( Producer )
Andrew Stearn-Production-Producer Andrew Stearn Production ( Producer )
Michael Hissrich-Production-Producer Michael Hissrich Production ( Producer )
Llewellyn Wells-Production-Producer Llewellyn Wells Production ( Producer )
Alexa Junge-Production-Producer Alexa Junge Production ( Producer )
Lawrence O'Donnell-Production-Producer Lawrence O'Donnell Production ( Producer )
Neal Ahern Jr.-Production-Producer Neal Ahern Jr. Production ( Producer )

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