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Season 6

First Air Date: 10-10-1991

Episodes: 22

Photo Name Character
Corbin Bernsen-Arnie Becker Corbin Bernsen Arnie Becker
Jill Eikenberry-Ann Kelsey Jill Eikenberry Ann Kelsey
Alan Rachins-Douglas Brackman Alan Rachins Douglas Brackman
Michael Tucker-Stuart Markowitz Michael Tucker Stuart Markowitz
Richard Dysart-Leland McKenzie Richard Dysart Leland McKenzie
Blair Underwood-Jonathan Rollins Blair Underwood Jonathan Rollins
Larry Drake-Benny Stulwicz Larry Drake Benny Stulwicz
Susan Dey-Grace Van Owen Susan Dey Grace Van Owen
Susan Ruttan-Roxanne Melman Susan Ruttan Roxanne Melman
John Spencer-Tommy Mullaney John Spencer Tommy Mullaney
Sheila Kelley-Gwen Taylor Sheila Kelley Gwen Taylor
Photo Name Department
Mark Tinker-Production-Producer Mark Tinker Production ( Producer )
Gregory Hoblit-Production-Producer Gregory Hoblit Production ( Producer )
William M. Finkelstein-Production-Producer William M. Finkelstein Production ( Producer )
John Masius-Production-Producer John Masius Production ( Producer )
Don Behrns-Production-Producer Don Behrns Production ( Producer )
Alan Brennert-Production-Producer Alan Brennert Production ( Producer )
Carol Flint-Production-Producer Carol Flint Production ( Producer )
Elodie Keene-Production-Producer Elodie Keene Production ( Producer )
John Hill-Production-Producer John Hill Production ( Producer )
Alice West-Production-Producer Alice West Production ( Producer )
Michael M. Robin-Production-Producer Michael M. Robin Production ( Producer )
Michele Gallery-Production-Producer Michele Gallery Production ( Producer )
Phillip Goldfarb-Production-Producer Phillip Goldfarb Production ( Producer )
Scott Goldstein-Production-Producer Scott Goldstein Production ( Producer )
Judith Parker-Production-Producer Judith Parker Production ( Producer )
Terry Louise Fisher-Production-Producer Terry Louise Fisher Production ( Producer )
Ellen S. Pressman-Production-Producer Ellen S. Pressman Production ( Producer )
Steven Bochco-Production-Executive Producer Steven Bochco Production ( Executive Producer )
David E. Kelley-Production-Executive Producer David E. Kelley Production ( Executive Producer )
Rick Wallace-Production-Executive Producer Rick Wallace Production ( Executive Producer )
Patricia Green-Production-Executive Producer Patricia Green Production ( Executive Producer )

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