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Season 1

First Air Date: 17-10-2008

Episodes: 13

Photo Name Character
Arlene Tur-Bebe Arcel Arlene Tur Bebe Arcel
Brian Tee-Eddie Choi Brian Tee Eddie Choi
Luis Chávez-Cesar Uman Luis Chávez Cesar Uman
Clare Carey-Christine Emory Clare Carey Christine Emory
Jocko Sims-Anthony Adams Jocko Sims Anthony Adams
Ross McCall-Kenny Battaglia Ross McCall Kenny Battaglia
Moran Atias-Inez Moran Atias Inez
Dennis Hopper-Ben Cendars Dennis Hopper Ben Cendars
Nick E. Tarabay-Axel Finet Nick E. Tarabay Axel Finet
Photo Name Department
Robert Moresco-Production-Producer Robert Moresco Production ( Producer )
Paul Haggis-Production-Producer Paul Haggis Production ( Producer )
Don Cheadle-Production-Producer Don Cheadle Production ( Producer )

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