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The Second Serving

First Air Date: 08-04-2022

Episodes: 10

Photo Name Character
Diane Keaton-Michellee (voice) Diane Keaton Michellee (voice)
Keegan-Michael Key-Narrator (voice) Keegan-Michael Key Narrator (voice)
Adam DeVine-Sam-I-Am (voice) Adam DeVine Sam-I-Am (voice)
Ilana Glazer-Eb (voice) Ilana Glazer Eb (voice)
Michael Douglas-Guy-Am-I (voice) Michael Douglas Guy-Am-I (voice)
Patricia Clarkson-Pam-I-Am (voice) Patricia Clarkson Pam-I-Am (voice)
Jillian Bell-Gluntz/Hayzel (voice) Jillian Bell Gluntz/Hayzel (voice)
José Andrés-Sylvester (voice) José Andrés Sylvester (voice)
Photo Name Department
Yola-Sound-Theme Song Performance Yola Sound ( Theme Song Performance )
David Dobkin-Production-Executive Producer David Dobkin Production ( Executive Producer )
Ellen DeGeneres-Production-Executive Producer Ellen DeGeneres Production ( Executive Producer )
Dr. Seuss-Writing-Book Dr. Seuss Writing ( Book )
David Newman-Sound-Original Music Composer David Newman Sound ( Original Music Composer )

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