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Season 2

First Air Date: 15-11-2020

Episodes: 17

Photo Name Character
Simone Missick-Lola Carmichael Simone Missick Lola Carmichael
Wilson Bethel-Mark Callan Wilson Bethel Mark Callan
Jessica Camacho-Emily Lopez Jessica Camacho Emily Lopez
J. Alex Brinson-Luke Watkins J. Alex Brinson Luke Watkins
Marg Helgenberger-Lisa Benner Marg Helgenberger Lisa Benner
Lindsay Mendez-Sara Castillo Lindsay Mendez Sara Castillo
Ruthie Ann Miles-Sherri Kansky Ruthie Ann Miles Sherri Kansky
Lindsey Gort-Amy Quinn Lindsey Gort Amy Quinn
Audrey Corsa-Samantha Powell Audrey Corsa Samantha Powell
Reggie Lee-Thomas Choi Reggie Lee Thomas Choi
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