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Season 1

First Air Date: 01-11-2019

Episodes: 6

Photo Name Character
Luise Befort-Lea Herst Luise Befort Lea Herst
Ludwig Simon-Tristan Broch Ludwig Simon Tristan Broch
Michelle Barthel-Zazie Michelle Barthel Zazie
Mohamed Issa-Rahim Hadad Mohamed Issa Rahim Hadad
Daniel Friedl-Hagen Daniel Friedl Hagen
Photo Name Department
Dennis Gansel-Production-Executive Producer Dennis Gansel Production ( Executive Producer )
Heiko Maile-Crew-Compositor Heiko Maile Crew ( Compositor )
Thorsten Wettcke-Writing-Writer Thorsten Wettcke Writing ( Writer )
Christine Heinlein-Writing-Writer Christine Heinlein Writing ( Writer )
Jan-Marcello Kahl-Crew-Cinematography Jan-Marcello Kahl Crew ( Cinematography )
Christian Becker-Production-Producer Christian Becker Production ( Producer )
Ipek Zübert-Writing-Writer Ipek Zübert Writing ( Writer )
Kai Hafemeister-Writing-Writer Kai Hafemeister Writing ( Writer )
Ann-Carolin Biesenbach-Editing-Editor Ann-Carolin Biesenbach Editing ( Editor )
Jan Berger-Writing-Writer Jan Berger Writing ( Writer )

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