The story of the early days of Deadwood, South Dakota; woven around actual historic events with most of the main characters based on real people. Deadwood starts as a gold mining camp and gradually turns from a lawless wild-west community into an organized wild-west civilized town. The story focuses on the real-life characters Seth Bullock and Al Swearengen.

Created By: David Milch |
Genres: Western | Crime |
Production Company: Roscoe Productions | HBO | Red Board Productions | Paramount Television Studios |

Deadwood-Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 21-03-2004
  • Total Sessions: 3
  • Total Episodes: 36
  • Vote Count: 520
  • IMDB Rating: 8.2
  • Network: HBO |
  • Status: Canceled
  • Homepage:

Photo Name Character
Timothy Olyphant-Azwaad Movie Database Timothy Olyphant Seth Bullock
Ian McShane-Azwaad Movie Database Ian McShane Al Swearengen
Molly Parker-Azwaad Movie Database Molly Parker Alma Garret
Jim Beaver-Azwaad Movie Database Jim Beaver Whitney Ellsworth
W. Earl Brown-Azwaad Movie Database W. Earl Brown Dan Dority
Dayton Callie-Azwaad Movie Database Dayton Callie Charlie Utter
Kim Dickens-Azwaad Movie Database Kim Dickens Joanie Stubbs
Brad Dourif-Azwaad Movie Database Brad Dourif Doc Cochran
Anna Gunn-Azwaad Movie Database Anna Gunn Martha Bullock
John Hawkes-Azwaad Movie Database John Hawkes Sol Star

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