Under the Dome

A small town is suddenly and inexplicably sealed off from the rest of the world by an enormous transparent dome. While military forces, the government and the media positioned outside of this surrounding barrier attempt to break it down, a small group of people inside attempt to figure out what the dome is, where it came from, and when (and if) it will go away.

Created By: Brian K. Vaughan |
Genres: Drama | Mystery | Sci-Fi & Fantasy |
Production Company: Amblin Television | Baer Bones | CBS Studios |

Under the Dome-Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 24-06-2013
  • Total Sessions: 3
  • Total Episodes: 39
  • Vote Count: 3,246
  • IMDB Rating: 7.2
  • Network: CBS |
  • Status: Canceled
  • Homepage: http://www.cbs.com/shows/under-the-dome/

Photo Name Character
Mike Vogel-Azwaad Movie Database Mike Vogel Dale "Barbie" Barbara
Rachelle Lefevre-Azwaad Movie Database Rachelle Lefevre Julia Shumway
Alexander Koch-Azwaad Movie Database Alexander Koch Junior Rennie
Eddie Cahill-Azwaad Movie Database Eddie Cahill Sam Verdreaux
Colin Ford-Azwaad Movie Database Colin Ford Joe McAlister
Kylie Bunbury-Azwaad Movie Database Kylie Bunbury Eva Sinclair
Dean Norris-Azwaad Movie Database Dean Norris James "Big Jim" Rennie
Mackenzie Lintz-Azwaad Movie Database Mackenzie Lintz Norrie Calvert-Hill

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