Halt and Catch Fire

Set in the early 1980s, and about a fictional visionary, an engineer and a prodigy whose innovations confronts the corporate behemoths of the time. Their personal and professional partnership will be challenged by greed and ego while charting the changing culture in Texas' Silicon Prairie.

Created By: Christopher Cantwell | Christopher C. Rogers |
Genres: Drama |
Production Company: AMC Networks |

Halt and Catch Fire-Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 01-06-2014
  • Total Sessions: 4
  • Total Episodes: 40
  • Vote Count: 268
  • IMDB Rating: 8.0
  • Network: AMC |
  • Status: Ended
  • Homepage: http://www.amctv.com/shows/halt-and-catch-fire

Photo Name Character
Lee Pace-Azwaad Movie Database Lee Pace Joe MacMillan
Scoot McNairy-Azwaad Movie Database Scoot McNairy Gordon Clark
Mackenzie Davis-Azwaad Movie Database Mackenzie Davis Cameron Howe
Kerry Bishé-Azwaad Movie Database Kerry Bishé Donna Clark
Susanna Skaggs-Azwaad Movie Database Susanna Skaggs Haley Clark
Toby Huss-Azwaad Movie Database Toby Huss John Bosworth

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**Perhaps the best show on television.** I found myself a new favourite among TV series. Exceedingly strong performances from the whole cast, a gripping, dynamic plot, and script and direction that will have you laughing aloud before hunkering at the edge of your seat. As TV goes, I honestly don’t think it gets much better than this. The character of Joe MacMillan is just unrivalled in complexity and depth. Lee Pace is beyond magnetic in the role, he’s electric, and the writers recognise that and use it beautifully. The storylines are broad, sweeping and powerful, skipping triviality in favour of weighty topics that shaped the computing world and the world we live today. The casting is spot on, the acting stupendous. I only hope that AMC top brass realise that this is shaping into one of the best TV series to have graced our screens. Watch it; laugh, weep and fist pump. This is one of a kind.

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