Wolf Hall

Following the fact-based historical book of the same name, this drama follows the rise of Cromwell as he becomes Henry the VIII's closest advisor. England in the 1520s is a heartbeat from disaster. If the King dies without a male heir, the country could be destroyed by civil war. Henry VIII wants to annul his marriage of twenty years and marry Anne Boleyn. The Pope and most of Europe oppose him. Into this impasse steps Thomas Cromwell: a wholly original man, a charmer, and a bully, both idealist and opportunist, astute in reading people, and implacable in his ambition. But Henry is volatile: one day tender, one day murderous. Cromwell helps him break the opposition, but what will be the price of his triumph?

Created By: Peter Straughan | Peter Kosminsky | Hilary Mantel |
Genres: Drama |
Production Company: Company Pictures | Playground Entertainment |

Wolf Hall-Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 21-01-2015
  • Total Sessions: 1
  • Total Episodes: 6
  • Vote Count: 81
  • IMDB Rating: 7.7
  • Network: PBS | BBC Two |
  • Status: Ended
  • Homepage: N/A

Photo Name Character
Mark Rylance-Azwaad Movie Database Mark Rylance Thomas Cromwell
Damian Lewis-Azwaad Movie Database Damian Lewis Henry VIII
Jessica Raine-Azwaad Movie Database Jessica Raine Jane Rochford
Hannah Steele-Azwaad Movie Database Hannah Steele Mary Shelton
Bernard Hill-Azwaad Movie Database Bernard Hill Duke of Norfolk
Joss Porter-Azwaad Movie Database Joss Porter Richard Cromwell
Mathieu Amalric-Azwaad Movie Database Mathieu Amalric Eustache Chapuys

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