A dramatic thriller that explores the demons lurking beneath the surface of a contemporary American family. The Rayburns are hard-working pillars of their Florida Keys community. But when the black sheep son comes home for the 45th anniversary of his parents' hotel, he threatens to expose the Rayburns' dark secrets and shameful past, pushing his siblings to the limits of family loyalty.

Created By: Daniel Zelman | Glenn Kessler | Todd A. Kessler |
Genres: Drama |
Production Company: Sony Pictures | KZK Productions |

Bloodline-Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 20-03-2015
  • Total Sessions: 3
  • Total Episodes: 33
  • Vote Count: 219
  • IMDB Rating: 7.3
  • Network: Netflix |
  • Status: Ended
  • Homepage:

Photo Name Character
Kyle Chandler-Azwaad Movie Database Kyle Chandler John Rayburn
Linda Cardellini-Azwaad Movie Database Linda Cardellini Meg Rayburn
Norbert Leo Butz-Azwaad Movie Database Norbert Leo Butz Kevin Rayburn
Jamie McShane-Azwaad Movie Database Jamie McShane Eric O'Bannon
Sissy Spacek-Azwaad Movie Database Sissy Spacek Sally Rayburn
Chloë Sevigny-Azwaad Movie Database Chloë Sevigny Chelsea O'Bannon
Beau Bridges-Azwaad Movie Database Beau Bridges Roy Gilbert

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Bloodline had a marvelous first season and had so much promise. I loved the first season. If I would recommend to someone how to watch this series, is to just watch the first season and don’t bother about the next two seasons. It could’ve been left after the first season and it would’ve been remembered as a better show than it ended up being. The next two seasons just unraveled with huge holes in the plot and introducing new characters that were really irrelevant. The series was scheduled to be a 7 season show but expenses with shooting in the Keys was too costly. Hence the series was kinda rushed to make some kinda sense in an abbreviated 3 series. Great first season, just wish they left it there.

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