Time Traveling Bong

After discovering a bong capable of transporting them through space and time, two stoner cousins embark on an adventure that will bring them up close and personal with cavemen, the Salem witch trials and more.

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Genres: Comedy |
Production Company: 3 Arts Entertainment |

Time Traveling Bong-Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 20-04-2016
  • Total Sessions: 1
  • Total Episodes: 3
  • Vote Count: 24
  • IMDB Rating: 6.5
  • Network: Comedy Central |
  • Status: Ended
  • Homepage: http://www.cc.com/shows/time-traveling-bong

Photo Name Character
Ilana Glazer-Azwaad Movie Database Ilana Glazer Sharee
Paul W. Downs-Azwaad Movie Database Paul W. Downs Jeff
Luke Sholl-Azwaad Movie Database Luke Sholl Caveman
Kevin Heffernan-Azwaad Movie Database Kevin Heffernan Donnie
Jerry G. Angelo-Azwaad Movie Database Jerry G. Angelo Caveman
June Carryl-Azwaad Movie Database June Carryl Future Woman
DJ Qualls-Azwaad Movie Database DJ Qualls Future Man

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**Buckle up and get high!** **_SEASON 01:_** Watching it just after watching 'Rough Night'. Two stars from that were the leads in this, but not as a couple, except partners in time travelling. The director too comes from the same league, but it was made prior to that film and I watched it only now. I think it was good. Started off amazingly. Just a three episode season, and maybe that's the entire series as well. Because there's no news about renewing it. One of the decent mini-series I've seen. Short and well paced with nice performances and visuals. Two lives-wasted cousins discovers a time travel device which works with smoking weed. They start off their adventure for fun, travelling different timeline on the earth. How their visits were viewed by the people was told with many thrilling quests. From past to the present and future, they encounter many great stuffs, as well as struggles to overcome obstacles. Their return journey is what brings an end to the tale. How they do it and what they learn out of it revealed to us very funnily. I feel they should continue the series with the same number of episodes for each season. I hope at least Netflix to take over. Watching it is like watching some tv shorts like during a special occasion like in December. If you watch it all continuously, then it's like a film. At a time very silly, but enjoyable. The first episode was so good, but the next one fell a little behind. Also the final episode. The device was funny, because if you smoke it, you will get high, then there's no way finding if you really travelled through the time. It's all the same experience. But nicely used for the concept of this series. Just watch it guys! _7/10_

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