13 Reasons Why

After a teenage girl's perplexing suicide, a classmate receives a series of tapes that unravel the mystery of her tragic choice.

Created By: Brian Yorkey |
Genres: Drama | Mystery |
Production Company: Paramount Television Studios | Anonymous Content |

13 Reasons Why-Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 31-03-2017
  • Total Sessions: 4
  • Total Episodes: 49
  • Vote Count: 3,369
  • IMDB Rating: 7.7
  • Network: Netflix |
  • Status: Ended
  • Homepage: https://www.netflix.com/title/80117470

Photo Name Character
Dylan Minnette-Azwaad Movie Database Dylan Minnette Clay Jensen
Grace Saif-Azwaad Movie Database Grace Saif Ani Achola
Christian Navarro-Azwaad Movie Database Christian Navarro Tony Padilla
Alisha Boe-Azwaad Movie Database Alisha Boe Jessica Davis
Brandon Flynn-Azwaad Movie Database Brandon Flynn Justin Foley
Justin Prentice-Azwaad Movie Database Justin Prentice Bryce Walker
Miles Heizer-Azwaad Movie Database Miles Heizer Alex Standall
Ross Butler-Azwaad Movie Database Ross Butler Zach Dempsey
Devin Druid-Azwaad Movie Database Devin Druid Tyler Down
Timothy Granaderos-Azwaad Movie Database Timothy Granaderos Montgomery de la Cruz

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**When everyone influence in everyone's life!** **_SEASON 01:_** Yeah, I'm from the walkman era. The cassettes, tape recorder, I've lived in the final days of that time enjoying all of them. I still have some old tapes saved somewhere that I've to locate them, but I've no device to place them. Anyway, when I heard about this series, how those previous technology was used to narrate a thriller drama, I was so happy. Each episode named after the how many tapes used, and its sides. Maybe the new generation won't understand that. Though the story matters, what it was focused and unfolding the truth, the message was great. One of the top rated debut from the 2017. The Netflix usually strikes the gold, and so with this. After so many good reviews, I wanted to see it to learn what's that all about. In the end, I did not get disappointed. But it was not that great, except the message, a very important message in the present world. I thought they dragged it. The whole season. I think it should have been only half of those total episodes. So the plots would have got tighter and faster narration. That suicide scene really terrified me. It was too strong, definitely I'm against showing that to youngsters. It was about a boy who receive a box of tapes from the dead girl. The girl who committed suicide, so she has recorded these tapes telling what made her to take this terrible decision. All those influenced in her life to her death gets the tape and finally how it all ends is the mystery told in the final episode. But before that, how the tale develops among the guys who are involved in it decides to stop this attempt. It's not that easily stopped and reasons are revealed. Initially I thought it was one season thing, but now after the final episode, I think definitely season two is on. They have announced it as well now. Well acted and made with the production. Many actors you can point out, but Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford topped the list. There's more to come or I'm expected in the following season than what this season has revealed. So I think I'm going like that more than this. It's too early, but there's a very little it to get wrong. I hope that's where it ends, but they could be tempted to extend the series. Anyway, a nice watch. It will remain one of the best from the streaming giant! So watch it sooner than later! _7.5/10_

id : 5a771d0c92514105a904493d
Kewl Kat

13 Reasons Why does indeed make suicide seem glamorous. It's a dangerous message. Hannah Baker made a lot of bad choices throughout the series. She was attracted to dangerous, selfish boys, she dismissed the nice ones, and failed to help her friend as she was being violated just a few feet away in the same room. She drank herself silly, put importance in stupid, shallow things and then decided the best place to strip down to her bra and panties was in the hot tub of the very same boy who she just watched rape her friend. As she is taking it deep in her sniz from behind, is she really surprised? Of course, there is never an excuse to rape. However, a female must be aware of risky situations. If you are prone to getting black-out drunk or stoned or you commonly end up nude or semi-nude in rapists' hot tubs, your odds of being taken advantage of go up exponentially. Season 2 is even more maddening than the 1st. Why? Because it goes out of its way to paint all females as natural born victims who are at the mercy of evil boys and men... ALL THE TIME. Nothing is a girl's fault. Ever. As if that message isn't bad enough, Hannah gets to take a break from Heaven so she can return to Earth as a ghost and see how completely devastated people are without her. This will inevitably inspire real suicides of narcissistic dummies who feel the world revolves around them and their stupid romance problems. What many dolts don't realize is that when you are dead, YOU ARE DEAD. You don't get to watch everybody melt down because your awesome self is gone. It's over. FOREVER. In conclusion, ultimately, NOBODY cares about who you are crushing on or who is manipulating your genitalia. Why not do your homework and take some time off from being an annoying idiot? Give it a try! Maybe you can contribute something positive to society rather than polluting the Universe with a bunch of melodramatic BS.

id : 5b1d82020e0a264f9d002977

The rollercoaster that started with Hannah Baker and her titular motivations that drove her to suicide has finally come to a full stop. Everyone involved in the infamous tapes are damaged beyond repair, regardless what happinesses they find, and no one more than our protagonist Clay Jensen, whose conflict takes on the most phantasmagorical in the final ten episodes. For a show that's gone on as long as **_13 Reasons Why_** (and, let's be real, it really didn't need to surpass one season), the melodrama keeps piling on. The first season is not without its faults but it's superior to everything that follows. Season 2 was one long, dragged out snoozer that hit no bumps until the finale, which brought us what is singlehandedly the most uncomfortable scene in the entire series (perhaps even Netflix overall). Yes, even more than the (now removed) bathtub suicide at the end of season 1. While season 3 was a marked improvement over 2, ignoring the question of "why the hell is this still on?", at least new character Ani came in with something resembling a backstory, because that can't be said for any other new characters, although her use becomes extremely problematic (I'll give you a hint, it involves redeeming a rapist). A number of supporting players come into play in the second and third seasons, and then vanish with next to no explanation. The writers room seem to have little idea how contemporary teenagers act, peppering every other word with an F bomb and their lives is one giant soap opera. This may be how some Gen Z'ers see their existence but **_13RW_** is next level. Bullying that leads to suicide is all too unfortunately common, yet has anyone (prior to the show's release) actually gone out of their way to record who they blame for the ultimate decision? One thing I will credit the series as a whole is the committed performances of its young actors (_young_ is a strong word, considering the actor behind sociopathic school bully Montgomery is in his early thirties). With the material they're given, Katherine Langford (Hannah), Miles Heizer (Alex), Alisha Boe (Jessica), Brandon Flynn (Justin), Timothy Granaderos (Monty)--especially come season 4--really play out their strengths. But the most notable performance has to go to Devin Druid as the ambiguously disordered yearbook photographer Tyler. Tyler's journey is, without a doubt, the most harrowing and heartbreaking arc, because he may as well be one of the realest depictions of a teenager--regardless of generation--on TV. He's a nice enough kid but he's singled out by everyone around him as weird and--in the case of the aforementioned tapes--seen as one of the worst subjects (his offense being a stalker), despite said tapes including a serial rapist, a pathological liar, a cowardly educator, a backstabbing friend and a slut-shamer. The character development award goes to Brandon Flynn, who brings Justin Foley, a troubled boy from a broken and abusive home life, to life. The book that the series is based on doesn't go into that much detail but Flynn's downtrodden demeanor plays perfect to Justin's addiction storyline. He goes from gaslighting his girlfriend about being raped and solving problems with vague threats of violence to someone the audience really roots for, a protective and caring adopted brother to Clay. That is, until his life on the streets catches up to him and he's revealed to have contracted AIDS somewhere down the line. This is given a passing comment somewhere mid-season 4 and brought up in the extended length series finale. Not sure who to pin that on, I guess the showrunners wanted to go out on something big. And nothing says big like offing a major and well-developed character (who's played by a gay man) with outdated representations of a controversially depicted disease in the final 90 minutes of your show. Season 1: 86% | Season 2: 22% | Season 3: 42% | Season 4: 36% | Average: 46.5%

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