Star Trek: Discovery

Follow the voyages of Starfleet on their missions to discover new worlds and new life forms, and one Starfleet officer who must learn that to truly understand all things alien, you must first understand yourself.

Created By: Alex Kurtzman | Bryan Fuller |
Genres: Sci-Fi & Fantasy | Action & Adventure |
Production Company: CBS Studios | Paramount Television Studios | Bad Robot | Roddenberry Entertainment | Secret Hideout |

Star Trek: Discovery-Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 24-09-2017
  • Total Sessions: 5
  • Total Episodes: 55
  • Vote Count: 1,451
  • IMDB Rating: 7.2
  • Network: CBS All Access | Paramount+ |
  • Status: Returning Series
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Photo Name Character
Sonequa Martin-Green-Azwaad Movie Database Sonequa Martin-Green Michael Burnham
Doug Jones-Azwaad Movie Database Doug Jones Saru
Mary Wiseman-Azwaad Movie Database Mary Wiseman Sylvia Tilly
Anthony Rapp-Azwaad Movie Database Anthony Rapp Paul Stamets
Wilson Cruz-Azwaad Movie Database Wilson Cruz Dr. Hugh Culber
David Ajala-Azwaad Movie Database David Ajala Cleveland Booker
Blu del Barrio-Azwaad Movie Database Blu del Barrio Adira Tal

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The most dynamic, cutting edge Star Trek series produced to date. Every episode is "edge of your seat" entertainment. Production, direction and actor craft reaches above and beyond all prior franchise endeavors. This is NO LIMITS Star Trek.

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It's hard/impossible to find an online review of the full season. The full 15-episode Season 1 is available on Netflix here in Europe. Access in the USA is via other paid services, at least on initial release, but American viewers might be able to catch up with this on Netflix if they travel. Meanwhile all initial reviews are based on the pilot (episodes 1 and 2 combined). The pilot attracted good reviews - more than the full season deserves - in part simply from the pleasure of seeing a new Star Trek series on screen. By the end of Season 1, it feels uneven. There are some great ideas lurking in this, but it also has some serious issues: bad pacing, terrible acting in parts, and some obvious signs of a limited budget. Highlights: * Jason Isaacs as Captain Lorca is one of the best Star Trek captains: tough, bold, decisive, commanding, but also human and flawed. * Sonequa Martin-Green is a fine protagonist and very watchable - it's interesting that the captain is not the main character. She successfully portrays an upright, capable but insubordinate character through the season's full story arc, and it's all plausible. A shame that her Vulcan upbringing doesn't come into the story so much in the season's later episodes. * The romantic relationship given most screen time is between two men (a timely 21st century update in Star Trek's long tradition of diversity). It is well handled: we see that these men have a strong and loving relationship and there is a deep emotional hit later when one of them is harmed. * The subtitle options include "Klingon". Lowlights: * The Klingon race has been "rebooted" as a race of cumbersome, slow, religious nuts. The prosthetics look nothing like earlier incarnations of the Klingons. The idea of these beings as the galaxy's fiercest warriors is preposterous. A serious design mis-step here. * The timeline here predates the Original Series by around 10 years, but the Discovery appears to have more modern (and far more reliable) technology than the Enterprise ever did, even though this is supposed to be an older vessel. The uniforms also look more up-to-date. These things are going to irritate the fans. * In an entire 15 episode season the crew visit a grand total of ... three planets. I guess this minimises production expenditure on location shoots, but it severely limits the sense of adventure and discovery. Even a low-budget sci-fi show like Killjoys (excellent if you haven't seen it yet) has more planets than this. * Michelle Yeoh - I don't know if she is unwell or what, but this formerly great actor ruins most of the scenes she is in. She can't even say simple lines correctly (her intonation is wrong and the wrong words are stressed). If this is an intended effect then it's extremely badly portrayed. Her character here is supposed to have a Malaysian accent (we know this because at one point she explains that she was born in Langkawi - that's an island in Malaysia) but Malaysian people don't maul English like this. Overall just a shame: presumably a good chunk of the acting budget was spent on this headline name, and she's easily the worst actor in the show. A series like Star Trek wouldn't be complete without its special effects. Here again there is a mixed bag: some beautiful work with the 'mycelia' and the general space scenes are pretty, though it all seems a bit static. The bridge and ship interiors are too sparse - Engineering lacks any sense of powerful forces being held in check by advanced machinery. A trick shot where the camera moves from outside the ship, through the window/view screen, to the interior of the Bridge is used over and over again - nice the first couple of times. Overall grade B. It feels like a missed opportunity to bring this much-loved franchise up to date. Non-fans are likely to give up on this before the end of the season, and I can't really blame them. Fans are going to be, at least, annoyed. There have been other recent geek favourites which have disappointed, even though they have had big budgets and big names involved. Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is the clearest example. I believe the root cause of these problems is that studios put key people in charge, as producers or directors or screen writers or casting directors, who are just not that into the source material. Some people think that sci-fi fans will swallow any old rubbish. That is patronising and it is a mistake, especially in this era of vast viewing choice. Fans hate to be patronised. The fans are looking for movies and TV shows made with integrity, respect and love. Anything made with that level of care will have no problem attracting new, younger fans. The positive audience reaction to Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a fine example. Star Trek: Discovery was - you would hope - aiming for that target. It does have some of the elements right (Captain Lorca puts on a splendid Scottish accent at one point). But overall it does not make the grade.

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John Smith

Basically, the whole thing is a politically correct propaganda show. Everyone is an independent and capable woman. The only white male in a position of power is a single capitan, his with his flaws too. The rest? Incredibly obvious. Episode 10 is about a parallel universe in which - although the human race rules over everything, it's painted as an evil 'Terran Empire' and villified to the max. Everyone is evil. Why? Because the core mantra of this alternate human race is - listen to this - preserving their own kind (basically, they made an episode about just how bad a racist universe might be). Ridiculous. Watch The Orville instead, it's 100 times better and has none of this political crap in it. Our movies and show should be politics free.

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The first season of Star Trek Discovery I can only describe as awful. Like the vacuum of space it was sucked dry of the warmth and sense of hope and optimism found in the wonderful 1990's series. It came as a relief that the writers and producers listened to fans and crafted a much improved second season. That said, the hangover from season one remains and its uncomfortably starchy militaristic vibe, has not completely dissipated. To add to the series woes there is, of course, competition from the truly wonderful series "The Orville" which many long time fans, including myself, feel is the true successor to the older Star Trek series. Its upbeat vibe, well timed humour and its sense of optimism and thoughtful approach make it addictive viewing. In short not a dismal addition to the Trekkie universe but one that has a long way to go to redeem itself too. 5/10 from me.

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A brilliant example of current entertainment television! DSC is not only the best Star Trek to date, it represents the best of modern science fiction, period! Cinematic in scope, DSC is more imaginative, thoughtful, exciting, interesting and absolutely beautiful to watch than any other previous manifestation of Star Trek. For the first time we see a wide range of carefully developed, nuanced characters facing a variety of situations yet upholding the same Star Trek values of Gene Roddenberry. Have some of the 'usual' stereotypical characterizations taken back seat to a more diverse presentation of humanity? Absolutely! I think that is a plus NOT a minus.

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This is Star Trek as people who thought Star Trek was stupid and didn't watch it imagined it to be. Cheap soap opera melodrama, unnecessary references to physicists, poor storytelling masquerading as lousy fake zeep zoop ork bork science. Awful. But put a shine on a turd and people will think it's low calorie old family recipe cicolatta gellato.

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The problems this show deals with are pretty basic and surface level. The characters aren't complex but as usual driven by basic, human emotions despite supposedly being from other races and species. It feels like the show tries to make every episode themed: time-travel, parallel dimension, alternate universe, hostile take-over, bla bla bla. One thing's for sure though, they didn't skimp on the visuals, because they are phenomenal! The show does however drop you into a world that has little to no frame of reference. As somebody who knew very little about Star Trek, despite not having too many new terms thrown at you, it's not easy to keep track of which species/race they're talking about, why they're important, what technical device is being referenced, what it's supposed to do,.... On the subject of physics, they keep making the same mistake: sound in space. All in all, it's a good series to turn your brain off to and just ignore the random terms thrown at you, don't ask too many questions about the plot, lean back, and let your brain be drizzled with Sci-Fi lite.

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For starters it's dark...and that's really NOT Star Trek. Star Trek is optimistic and light even when it goes a little gritty. It's supposed to be an optimistic future where Earth strives for a Utopia...and Discovery isn't that at all. Discovery is bleak and pessimistic and really, that's not what I want when I want to sit down and watch Star Trek. And then it's weighted in the present, and again, that's not what I want in science fiction. A reflection of the present is fine...a satire on it is fine...but to try and anchor the plots so much in the present that it becomes BLATANT...that's not science fiction anymore. And then what did they do to the orcs...I'm sorry, Klingons? In a prequel series? I know they have always micro-evolved in appearance but this is insanely different. They are so different that it's almost insulting to even the casual fan let alone their loyal base. And then, yeah, like so many other shows it does that thing where it's almost racist towards the ONE demographic that it is currently politically correct to be racist against...and that's not Star Trek either, if anything, it's the opposite because that was intended to be solved a long, long time ago in the franchise's history. The Klingons are the bad guys for NOT wanting the Federation to cleanse them of their culture and heritage...they are written as the bad guys for NOT wanting to be ethnically cleansed!!!!!! I know it's a play on White Supremacy, but seriously, this does NOT make the Federation look like the good guys here. Now, if the Klingons wanted to Ethnically cleanse OTHER groups, that would make them look like the bad guys. NOT the other way around. Ultimately, like the new Star Wars, it seems intent on alienating it's base entirely.

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