Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia

After uncovering a mysterious amulet, an average teen assumes an unlikely destiny and sets out to save two worlds.

Created By: Guillermo del Toro |
Genres: Family | Animation | Action & Adventure | Comedy | Sci-Fi & Fantasy |
Production Company: DreamWorks Animation | Cha Cha Cha |

Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia-Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 23-12-2016
  • Total Sessions: 3
  • Total Episodes: 52
  • Vote Count: 943
  • IMDB Rating: 8.5
  • Network: Netflix |
  • Status: Ended
  • Homepage:

Photo Name Character
Lexi Medrano-Azwaad Movie Database Lexi Medrano Claire Nuñez (voice)
Charlie Saxton-Azwaad Movie Database Charlie Saxton Toby Domzalski (voice)
Amy Landecker-Azwaad Movie Database Amy Landecker Barbara Lake (voice)
Kelsey Grammer-Azwaad Movie Database Kelsey Grammer Blinky (voice)
Fred Tatasciore-Azwaad Movie Database Fred Tatasciore AAARRRGGHH!!! (voice)
Yara Shahidi-Azwaad Movie Database Yara Shahidi Darci (voice)
Jonathan Hyde-Azwaad Movie Database Jonathan Hyde Mr. Strickler (voice)
Ron Perlman-Azwaad Movie Database Ron Perlman Bular (voice)
Tom Hiddleston-Azwaad Movie Database Tom Hiddleston Kanjigar (voice)
Laraine Newman-Azwaad Movie Database Laraine Newman Nana (voice)

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**For the glory of Merlin, Daylight is mine to command!** SEASON 01: It has been twenty years since the revolution of 3D animation. The feature films are on the another level, but I always wondered why the television series are lagging behind on this. A few of them from the recent were not that impressive as this one. This surely would become a classic as the years to come. But don't judge it as it is only for children. That's what I surprised with. I should have seen it six months ago when it came. I was not discarding, but delaying my watch and now I regret that kind of mindset of mine. Based on the book of the same name, co-written by Guillermo del Toro. One of the final works of Anton Yelchin before his unexpected death in the last year. I do not have to check for that, once I have heard the voice, I knew right away it was him. A very unique voice tone as only a very few in the film industry gifted with. He has done many good works, but this is the one to remember as his final. The series had won three Annie Awards out of four nominees and several others. Really a great achievement in animation, the product that made for television. Definitely many 3D animated series would follow the same route. Especially I am expecting from the Disney as I am a big fan of it, despite their two famous films turned successfully into 2D animated series, which I liked they're not letting go the dying art of the early days. That's me. I want everything! > ❝Destiny is a gift. Some to their entire lives, living existence as a quiet desperation.❞ I am a film fanatic, not series', but I regularly watch them. So, normally I won't review television series, unless I loved it's all the episodes. Which means, usually the documentaries and history related series'. Probably this is the first time for an entertainment series and I'm happy for doing that. I just want to let others know how great it is, because it is not one of the most watched series, unlike the high rating and praised big. The season one consists of 26 episodes, just like the old days. Because, nowadays the series episodes are reduced between 10-13. You might have heard that recently the writers are on the protest for losing their work. Anyway, each episode was so awesome. Like full story, with lots of twist and turns. It could have made a fantastic film series of around 10 to 12 films like the 'Harry Potter'. Yeah, even as a live-action film is not a bad idea, since todays technology was far better than ten years ago. BUT I'm happy for it as it is as a series, that makes it very unique. The characters were totally unpredictable. There are like 10-15 major characters and as the series progress, you would witness a complete changeover in them. And that's I call a perfect character development. I mean there are no flashbacks, but all the needed infos were revealed to us quite stylishly like with the missions in each episode. It is obviously about a chosen one. I have not seen a masterpiece like this on the chosen one concept since 'The Lord of the Rings'. There is no wasting of time, it all begins right away and when that happened, I said 'here it comes the boring part'. After watching the first episode, I felt it was not bad. Awesome in fact. Then I was not expecting the following episodes to follow the same magic, but they did. As I watched first 3-4 episodes, I came to realise its brilliance. That's it, since then there's nothing to stop me as I finished watching the entire first season as much as soon as I can. > ❝Well, I wouldn't really call it an issue, an issue is something you can fix.❞ The disappointment came from not with the series, but after ending my watch, there were no more to continue. So I can't wait for the second season, which is due later this year. One of the reasons I loved the series is for each episode was better the previous one. It's only going up in the graph of impressing its viewers. If someone did not like an episode means, probably he's did not pay attention in his watch. Coming back to the story, I liked the details of everything. Easy to follow and the introduction of all the characters are nicely done. So a teenager named Jim Lake from a town called Arcadia becomes the first human Trollhunter after the amulet chose him. Soon he was guided by the two trolls and he was taken to their world called Heartstone Trollmarket that lies underneath the Arcadia. With his not so fierce training and other small-small missions, Jim has to improve his efficiency in order to do what he has chosen for. He struggles, but the faith on him among the trolls gives all the needed strength. That's when he meets Bular, the son of Gunmar who is trying to rise from the darkness. Meanwhile, he has to face other threats like from Changleings and Goblins. With the help of his friends he succeeds most of the time in defending Trollmarket. The story aimed in one direction, but that does not stay that way for very long. One of the best things about this series is changing the course in its narration. Like in the halfway of the season, the Trollhunter who was preparing for his cause, has to face the threats from a different angle as he's the protector of the Trolls. Which makes the plot to go another way, while you are starting to predict on the other way. My first appreciation is the screen-writing. Well done del Toro. > ❝You humans cut stones unlock their beauty, but trolls cut stones unlock their power.❞ When I and my niece watched 'Miraculous Ladybug...', she was chanting 'Tikki spots on' without her conscious and now I'm doing the same after watching this. Surely it's not just me, anyone who loved it like I did would do the same. Yeah, 'for the glory of Merlin, Daylight is mine to command' is not just a word, though it became a slogan. It had good action sequences. There are sentiments too. As the season approaches its finale, it gets very emotional. I liked several characters, but AAARRGGHH was the top in my chart, followed by Blinky his philosophical dialogues. But not all the time what he says concerns about our world. Most of them are funny and inspiring. Those characters are the soul of this series, but I don't know how the following season would stay with the same intensity. I hope they sort it out. Claire Nunez surely reminds Marinette as someone pointed out that in Pinster. It might be a co-incident, but a very fact, just like I still confuse between Mark Walhberg and Matt Damon. Then there's Toby, one of the best sidekick ever. He was fun, but according to the situation his role turns, yet still he remains fun. The villains are great. It's always very important to match the hero or overpower. There is no just one bad guy, but many and each of them were so unique. By far, as how far this season went on, Angor Rot was the best. His powers simply amazes, even though he's a negative role. The Gumar is yet to be revealed so I can't make judgement on him. But Angor Rot was like Darth Vader of this story. This could be DreamWorks animation's game changing program. But like usual the praise also goes to Netflix for joining the hand with. I don't know what they would do for Anton Yelchin casting in the season two. Surely they'll come up with something. Finally, I end my review by saying don't miss it, especially if you have kids in the house, watch with them for more fun. I hope to return for the next season review. _9.5/10_

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**It's time now for Gunmar to prepare to face the Trollhunters!** **_SEASON 02:_** I don't know how to begin, because I loved the first season. The review was one of the longest I've ever written for any title. But this follow up season did not stand up to that standard. It's still a nice show with nice animation and all, I enjoyed watching it, though lesser. I don't know what made it fall slightly. Maybe the first season had awesome villains and adventures, which totally lacked in this. Angor Rot, Strickler, Nomura, NotEnrique, particularly Bular, the son of Gunmar was brilliant. If only half of these guys had returned in full scale, the fate of the season would have been different. That's not a big deal if they had introduced similar, powerful villains. But the Gunmar looked so weaker than his son. Especially they were too much hyped about Gunmar previously. Now he's here and had nothing big role. So I'm anticipating his part would come in the next season. Looks that way that they're saving him for the finale. Anyway, like I said, I liked it. If you had liked the first, you would like this as well. I'm happy they had only half the episodes compared to the first. Sweet and short. The third and final season would come at the end of this year, so I'm eagerly looking forward to know how it all ends. Besides, I've not read the book, but surely Del Toro won't disappoint us. _7/10_

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I didn't think I would enjoy this, but I did! It was viewed on TV time to time, but since I got Netflix I thought I would watch the whole thing. And you know what, the HD made it look amazing. Featuring a great cast, and a great storyline from season to season, Trollhunters was a fantastic fantasy animation. I think my fav highlight would be the series finale, especially when the late Anton Yelchin's voiceover was heard, from the start of the series of when he gave a speech about destiny. It was a great show.

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