A successful defense lawyer at a boutique firm becomes romantically involved with a client who may or may not be guilty of a brutal crime.

Created By: Tony Phelan | Joan Rater |
Genres: Drama |
Production Company: Timberman/Beverly Productions | CBS Television Studios |

Doubt-Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 15-02-2017
  • Total Sessions: 1
  • Total Episodes: 13
  • Vote Count: 19
  • IMDB Rating: 4.5
  • Network: CBS |
  • Status: Canceled
  • Homepage:

Photo Name Character
Katherine Heigl-Azwaad Movie Database Katherine Heigl Sadie Ellis
Dulé Hill-Azwaad Movie Database Dulé Hill Albert Cobb
Steven Pasquale-Azwaad Movie Database Steven Pasquale Billy Brennan
Laverne Cox-Azwaad Movie Database Laverne Cox Cameron Wirth
Dreama Walker-Azwaad Movie Database Dreama Walker Tiffany Simon
Elliott Gould-Azwaad Movie Database Elliott Gould Isaiah Roth
Kobi Libii-Azwaad Movie Database Kobi Libii Nick Brady

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